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Spring Day Trips

When the spring “rainy season” is over, summer, and the opportunity to make visits with

older loved ones and friends, will be upon us. One of the most gratifying ways to

connect with loved ones is to accompany them on an outing or a trip. We can disconnect

from the sedentary, isolating experience of online activity and enjoy seeing new things

and stimulating conversations while traveling with older adults.

I recently took my mother-in-law for an afternoon high tea at the Granite Tea Room in

Woodstock, Maryland. It sounded stiff and refined to me but I knew she would like it

because she grew up in Jamaica when it was under British rule. I was so pleasantly

surprised! I enjoyed hearing about her experiences as a professional woman raising a

family so many years ago and how she, sadly, had many of the same experiences that

working women face today. I also learned about Victorian décor and the formalities

associated with an afternoon tea service. We also had a very relaxing time drinking

calming tea and eating savory tea sandwiches. By disconnecting from the torrid pace in

which we all live, we both got a second wind and time to get to know each other better –

and I have known her for at least twenty-five years.

Take the time now to plan an outing with older friends and family. They will be forever

grateful and you will have a refreshing and inspiring outlook on life. You can find tips

on how to plan for trips with older adults and of course if you need information on where

to go, Google, Trip Advisor and Yelp are at your service. Happy traveling!

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